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Ironman Cairns Triathlon 2014

Cairns weather can be variable, and in previous years it has rained in the preamble to race day, and been fine, or there abouts on race day. This year was to be the opposite. Cool and wet, perhaps good conditions for racing but not for photography. Pouring rain all day made for difficult shooting conditions. Keeping the cameras dry enough becomes difficult and keeping rain spots off the lenses is even harder. Being peppered with raindrops at high speed on the motorcycle is not much fun either. Being prepared for whatever happens is often part of photographing sport. Days like these can be the most challenging, and some of the most fun.

To View And License Images Visit: Ironman Cairns Triathlon Photography 2014
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Australian National Gymnastics Championship – Motion Photos

It’s often one thing to get the opportunity to photograph athletes at the pinnacle of a sport. And often quite another to have a client brief with the flexibility to take some risks and maybe capture something really beautiful. So often, you are constrained with having to capture guaranteed, publishable images. During this year’s Australian National Gymnastics Championships, it was nice to have the opportunity to capture something outside the standard action pictures. Slow shutter speeds can clean up busy backgrounds, but clean backgrounds still make the best pictures.

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