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Australian National Gymnastics Championship – Motion Photos

It’s often one thing to get the opportunity to photograph athletes at the pinnacle of a sport. And often quite another to have a client brief with the flexibility to take some risks and maybe capture something really beautiful. So often, you are constrained with having to capture guaranteed, publishable images. During this year’s Australian National Gymnastics Championships, it was nice to have the opportunity to capture something outside the standard action pictures. Slow shutter speeds can clean up busy backgrounds, but clean backgrounds still make the best pictures.

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Australian National Gymnastics Championships Photos 2014

Well, this is the pinnacle level of Australian gymnastics, The National Championships.It might not get the publicity in the mainstream media, but it is one of the most incredibly technical sports. The agility, strength, and coordination needed to execute the respective skills is fantastic, making it beautiful to photograph. Here’s some of what I saw, during the week I was invited to photograph with Winkipop Media.

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Ironman Melbourne Triathlon Photos 2014

To View And License Images Visit: Ironman Melbourne Triathlon Photos 2014


The 226km race takes place in Melbourne’s South East and Bayside suburbs. The course includes a 3.8km swim in the Frankston Foreshore, a fast and smooth 180km bike on the EastLink motorway and 42.2km Brooks run from Frankston to the IRONMAN Asia Pacific Championship finish line, located at the iconic St. Kilda Catani Gardens.

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Ironman Melbourne Triathlon Photos (Pre-Race) 2014

To View And License Images Visit: Ironman Melbourne Triathlon Photos (Pre-Race) 2014


The iconic IRONMAN® Series of events is the largest participation sports platform in the world. Since the inception of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing finish lines at the world’s most challenging endurance races. Recognized for excellence through distinguished events, world-class athletes and quality products, IRONMAN has grown from a single race to a global sensation with more than 190 events across five unique brands: IRONMAN®, IRONMAN 70.3®, 5150™ Triathlon Series, Iron Girl® and IRONKIDS®. For more information, visit

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Ironman Melbourne Triathlon Official Press Conference

To View And License Images Visit: Ironman Melbourne Triathlon Official Press Conference

IRONMAN® Melbourne is a prime qualifier for the 2014 IRONMAN® World Championship and has a professional prize purse of USD $125,000. A world-class field is assembling for this race including multiple Ironman World Champions and super stars of the sport. 2500 age group athletes will also compete as they chase the title of Ironman.

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Ironman Geelong 70.3 Triathlon Photos

To View And License Images Visit: Ironman Geelong 70.3 Triathlon Photos 2014

Triathlon is one of my favorite sports to cover, and Ironman racing, is a feat of endurance. There is something special about these races. They start in the pre-dawn, and sunrise has a little magic. They are always a battle, between athletes and within athletes themselves. It can be as much a mental test, as a physical one. The race in Geelong was a hot one, with temperatures reaching thirty before sunrise. Patches of overcast cloud provided little respite, with the course being enveloped with a hot, dry wind as the change swept through. Emma Moffatt worked hard to lead out of the swim and continued to extend the lead. Tim Reed pushed Craig Alexander all the way along the bike course and the two were still fighting it out for the lead on the first lap of the run. Craig Alexanders 70.3 form proved too strong and he powered on to take the victory. Craig admitted later though, that the scorching heat and hard racing made it one of the hardest races of his career. Stand out for me, and encapsulating the spirit of Ironman was Rebecca Hoschke, who said she drew inspiration from Belinda Granger, as the voice in her head, telling her never to give up. Rebecca coming from well behind out of the swim and through into third place.

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